#70 Acrylic Coating

Product Line: TopShield® Pro
Product Description: TopShield® Pro #70 Acrylic Coating is a flexible, white acrylic roof coating.
Product Description

Product Description

 Use TopShield® Pro #70 White Acrylic Coating to protect the roof, resist mildew and refect UV rays and blistering heat. The refective properties of TopShield® Pro #70 signifcantly reduce the temperatures of the roof surface.

Benefits & Features
  • Reflects UV Rays & Heat
  • Resists Mildew
  • Covers Most Roof Surfaces
  • Extends Roof Life
Available In
  • 5 & 55 Gallons


For Use On
  • Most Roof Surfaces

Size: Description: Item Code:
5 Gal TopShield® Pro #70 Acrylic Coating TOP70AC5
55 Gal TopShield® Pro #70 Acrylic Coating TOP70AC55