In line with the TopShield® unwavering dedication to delivering premium products that contribute to the success of our customers, Craftgrade™ introduces a level of quality that typically aligns with products of significantly higher price points. Our customers have come to anticipate that all TopShield® offerings will consistently meet their exacting standards for quality and performance, and CraftGrade™ lives up to these expectations without compromise.

Explanation of Products

Premium residential roofing and siding products and accessories. Created entirely with the professional contractor's needs in mind.
TopShield Products

Dedicated to the commercial contractor, offering some of the finest commercial roofing and commercial roof repair products available.
TopShield Pro Products

CraftGrade™ brings quality with the features and benefits normally found in products with much higher costs. CraftGrade™ delivers.
CraftGrade Products

StormGear™ is a select brand of products developed and offered for residential and commercial structures recovering from weather events or other structural damages.
StormGear Products