SA Cap

Product Line: TopShield® Pro
Product Description: The TopShield® Pro SA Cap is crafted from a durable, stress-resistant polyester mat, that boasts a high-performance composition and is coated with a top-notch modified bitumen compound. Its bottom surface is layered with a removable release film, while the top is adorned with mineral granules. This combination mat ensures exceptional tear and puncture resistance.
Descripción del producto

Descripción del producto


For Use On

  • TopShield® Pro SA Cap is designed for use as a cap membrane in multi-ply self-adhered systems. It is suitable for use in the construction of various roof membrane assemblies over a variety of substrates. It is intended for use over TopShield® Pro SA NailBase, & TopShield® Pro SA PlyBase.

Description: Item Code:
SA CAP White TSP650435
SA CAP Thunder Black TSP650434
SA CAP Weathered Wood TSP650433
SA CAP Russet Ridge TSP650432
SA CAP Gunmetal Gray TSP650430
SA CAP Roasted Chestnut TSP653416

Top Surface: Mineral - Variety of colors
Back Surface: Removable Release Film
Reinforcement: Polyester
Dimensions: 39-3/8" x 32' 11" (100 sq. ft.)
Coverage: One Square
Thickness: 4.0mm (160 mils)
Initial solar reflectance: 0.27
Aged solar reflectance: 0.24
Thermal emittance: 0.89

Applicable Standards & Approvals
  • Miami-Dade
  • FBC #32658.R1
  • ASTM D6164, Grade G, Type I, D7505, D1970 and CGSB 37 GP-56M Type 1a,Class A, Grade 1, ICC-ES (ESR-1388).