Trim Coil

Product Line: CraftGrade
Product Description: CraftGrade™ Trim Coil is intended for installation on residential and light commercial exterior applications.
Descripción del producto

Descripción del producto

CraftGrade™ Trim Coil is used for fascia, window and door trim, flashing and other related building applications.

Benefits & Features
  • Field proven, multiple purpose polyester (smooth) finish
  • Designed for a wide variety of applications
  • Dual side coated
  • Crack, flake and peel resistant
  • Excellent adhesion and flexibility properties
  • Durable performance that enhances product appearance
  • PolyKote 1000 coating


Description: Item Code:
CraftGrade™ Trim Coil Roll - Colonial White/Colonial White TOPTRP0161TOP
CraftGrade™ Trim Coil Roll - Black/Colonial White TOPTRP0425TOP
CraftGrade™ Trim Coil Roll - Black/Berger Brown TOPTRP425BTOP

Applicable Standards & Approvals
  • ASTM D-523
  • ASTM D-3363
  • ASTM D-2247
  • ASTM B-117