TopShield® HouseWrap-SUPREME

Product Line: TopShield®
Product Description: TopShield® HouseWrap-Supreme is the only choice for demanding applications to protect from severe weather conditions and environments.
Descripción del producto

Descripción del producto

TopShield® HouseWrap-SUPREME is the only choice for demanding applications to protect from severe weather conditions and environments. Because of its one of a kind construction, TopShield® HouseWrap-SUPREME prevents the infiltration of air and water while still allowing for the escape of water vapor. But the most unique feature is the 360 degree drainage that no other wrap in the world can give. TopShield® HouseWrap-SUPREME can drain in EVERY direction, no matter the final wall cladding, wood, vinyl, metal, brick stone, cement sidings, stucco or ERIS. The incorporation of ALTA 360 makes TopShield® HouseWrap-SUPREME a one of a kind all weather protection layer for any type of construction with the assurance of quality and lifelong service. TopShield®HouseWrap-SUPREME has you covered in every direction!
Benefits & Features
    • Provides protection from water infiltration but breathes allowing water vapor to escape.
    • Light weight and somewhat translucent to allow for easy installation.
    • UV resistant and can be left exposed for up to 6 months.
    • Tear resistant reduces jobsite waste and blow-offs.
    • Meets and exceeds all current building codes for water resistive barrier as well as an air barrier.


    Product Specifications: Test Method:
    Air Penetration Resistance: 0.00082 ASTM E2178 (cfm/ft2@1.57 psf)
      >2500 Gurley Hill (TAPPI-T460)(sec/100cm)
    Water Vapor Transmission: 385 ASTM E96 Method A (g/m2/24 hrs)
      55 (perms)
      465 ASTM E96 Method B (g/m2/24hrs)
      67 (perms)
    Water Penetration Resistance: >300 AATCC 127 (cm)
    Basis Weight: 2.2 TAPPI T-410 (oz/sq yd)
    Thickness: 8 ASTM D3776 (mils)
    Breaking Strength: 30 ASTM D882 (lb/in) MD
      30 ASTM D882 (lb/in) CD
    Dry Tensile: 45 ASTM D504 (lb/in) MD
      45 ASTM D504 (lb/in) CD
    Tear Resistance (Trapezoid): 13.5 ASTM D1117 (lbs) MD
      12.5 ASTM D1117 (lbs) CD
    Drainage Efficiency: >95% ASTM E2273
      >95% ICC-ES AC 235 Section 4.5
    Surface Burning Characteristics: 5 Class A ASTM E84 Flame Spread Index
      45 Class A Smoke Develop Index
    Ultra Violet Light Exposure: 180 Days  
    Roll Size: Rolls Per Pallet:
    36" x 100’ 50
    36" x 150’ 45
    54" x 100’ 100
    54" x 150’ 90
    9’ x 100’ 50
    9’ x 150’ 45
    9’ x 195’ 40
    10’ x 100’ 50
    10’ x 150’ 45
    10’ x 195’ 40