Professional Building Products for Residential and Commercial Construction

TopShield® products are developed with a focus on the success, productivity and profitability of the professional contractor.

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Who We Are

We at TopShield® understand your needs and we are completely committed to your success. Our customers are always top-of-mind; front-and-center; in everything we do. TopShield® is an exclusive brand of premium residential and commercial building products and siding accessories. Created entirely with the professional contractor's needs in mind, TopShield® products are always of the highest quality to ensure maximum performance and consistency. TopShield® products are developed with an unwavering focus on increasing our customer's productivity and profitability while providing the highest level of product performance possible.

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Roof Coatings/Repair

TopShield® Pro Roof Coatings/Repair products are premium grade and quick drying. From Asphalt Primer to Roof Cement to All Weather Rubberized Cement.
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Topshield® has the products to provide a stabilized ventilation system and will help ensure the attic space is properly ventilated in all environments.
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Roofing Underlayment

TopShield® Roofing Underlayment products have been created with the professional roofing contractor in mind and deliver uncompromising quality in residential roofing.
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