TopShield® HouseWrap

Product Line: TopShield®
Product Description: TopShield® HouseWrap is manufactured from a polypropylene woven fabric with a polypropylene coating that contains UV inhibitors.
Product Description

Product Description

TopShield® HouseWrap is a tear resistant woven and coated polypropylene weather resistant barrier that provides air and moisture protection. TopShield® HouseWrap is manufactured with great translucency for easier on stud installation without the need for nailing marks and offers tear strength that will withstand the rigors of the job site and weather elements.
Benefits & Features
    • Provides protection from water infiltration but breathes allowing water vapor to escape.
    • Light weight and somewhat translucent to allow for easy installation.
    • UV resistant and can be left exposed for up to 6 months.
    • Tear resistant reduces jobsite waste and blow-offs.
    • Meets and exceeds all current building codes for water resistive barrier as well as an air barrier.


    Product Specifications: Test Method:
    Composition: Woven Polypropylene  
    Weight per Roll: 13.1 lbs. / MSF  
    Thickness: 5.5 mils.  
    Tensile Strength: MD 79 ASTM D5034
      CD 51  
    Tear Strength: MD 47.1 ASTM D4533
      CD 18.7  
    Water Resistance: Pass ASTM D779
    MVTR / Perms: 9 Perms ASTM E96
    Fire Rating: Class A ASTM E84
    Roll Size: Rolls Per Pallet:
    9’ x 100’ 50
    9’ x 150’ 45
    9’ x 195’ 40
    10’ x 100’ 50
    10’ x 150’ 45
    10’ x 195’ 40
    54" x 100’ 100
    54" x 150’ 90
    54" x 195’ 80
    36" x 100’ 150
    36" x 150’ 135