TS750-S Slant Back Vent w/ Screen

Product Line: TopShield®
Product Description: The TopShield® TS750-S comes with advanced weather protection.
Color: Forest Green
Forest Green
Weathered Bronze
Product Description

Product Description

The TopShield® 750-S is built with three outward and upward discharging side vents to prevent unsightly roof streaking that is so common  with ordinary roof louvers. This exclusive design also prevents the problem of bird and animal infiltration while providing maximum  attic exhaust air flow and weather protection.                 

Benefits & Features
  • Aluminum screen attached for enhanced  protection
  • Available in  Aluminum, TS750-S, and Galvanized, TS750-GS
  • Greater air flow with three louvered sides
  • Fits all hip, pitched or gable roofs
  • Weathertight seamed collar
  • High profile for increased weather protection and circulation
  • Prevents roof discoloration
  • Bird-proof
  • TS750-S has embossed painted finish for added strength, extended  paint life, durability, and blending appearance with shingles
Available In
  • White, Weathered Bronze, Mill, Brown, Forest Green, & Black


Product: Item Code:
TS750-S Aluminum TOPTS750S
TS750-S White Aluminum TOPTS750SW
TS750-S Black Aluminum TOPTS750SB
TS750-S Brown Aluminum TOPTS750SBR
TS750-S Weathered Bronze Aluminum TOPTS750SWB
TS750-S Forest Green Aluminum TOPTS750SFG
TS750-S Galvanized TOPTS750GS
TS750-S White Galvanized TOPTS750GSW
TS750-S Black Galvanized TOPTS750GSB
TS750-S Brown Galvanized TOPTS750GSBR
TS750-S Weathered Bronze Galvanized TOPTS750GSWB

Product Specifications

Model Overall Size (in.) Opening Size (in.) NFA (in.²)
TS750-S 16 x 20-5/16 x 5 8 50
TS750-GS 16 x 20-5/16 x 5 8 50

Applicable Standards & Approvals
  • Miami-Dade County Approved
  • Texas Department of Insurance “Windstorm” Approved