TopShield Pro

TopShield PRO products are focused on the commercial and residential roofing contractor’s productivity and profitability, where commercial low-slope products and coatings are required.TopShield PRO offers competitively priced and nationally distributed modified roofing systems for low-slope commercial and residential contractors – including APP granular, APP Sand Surface, Self-Adhered Cap and Base. Our APP granular and SA cap are both available in 5 great colors. TopShield PRO offers the right roofing products for you.

Explanation of Products

Premium residential roofing and siding products and accessories. Created entirely with the professional contractor's needs in mind.
Top Shield Products

Dedicated to the commercial contractor, offering some of the finest commercial roofing and commercial roof repair products available.
Top Shield Pro Products

CraftGrade™ brings quality with the features and benefits normally found in products with much higher costs. CraftGrade™ delivers.
CraftGrade Products