Product Description

Shutters and siding are the most visible parts of any home exterior. Which makes finding the perfect color combination for the two so pivotal. It’s why at TopShield®, we offer an industry-leading color palette. Shutters available in 16 stock colors, plus paintable, making it easy to complement any home’s siding. And because home exteriors are more than just shutters and siding, TopShield® siding accessories include everything from Shutters, Mounting Blocks, Utility Vents and Gable Vents.  Blocks and vents available in 24 stock colors, plus paintable. Over 250 custom colors also available.

Benefits & Features
  • Over 250 custom colors also available

  • One of the most comprehensive selections of exterior vinyl shutters

  • All TopShield® exterior vinyl shutters feature SolidThruTM Colors so they always look their best. 

  • More than 18 standard, on-trend Shutter colors that are readily available to complement the hues of major siding manufacturers

  • TopShield® carefully designed it’s mounting blocks and other siding accessories to fit and match the colors of America’s most popular siding manufacturers. Over 300 colors and paintable options for custom colors.