TopShield® is an exclusive brand of premium residential and commercial roofing products and accessories.

Our Story

TopShield® emerged to address the demand among contractors for top-tier roofing and siding products across various categories including underlayments, coatings, nails, roof repair items, roof coatings, caulk, and coordinated roof spray paint.

After extensive testing of products sourced from renowned manufacturers, TopShield® has curated a pioneering assortment of premium roofing products that cater to both residential and commercial needs, establishing itself as an industry leader.

With a continuous commitment to growth, TopShield® initially originated as a solution for the residential roofing sector. Today, our TopShield® Pro product lines are dedicated to the development of an exceptional range of commercial roofing materials and accompanying accessories.

National Distribution

With the ongoing expansion of the TopShield® and TopShield® PRO product lines, our distribution network is also growing. Presently, TopShield® products can be found through our extensive national network of building materials distributors, servicing customers in 45 states across the United States.


Our core values center on respect for all individuals, stewardship and a love for the roofing distribution industry.