TopShield® is an exclusive brand of premium residential and commercial roofing products and accessories.

Our Story

TopShield® was developed to satisfy the contractor’s need for premium roofing and siding products in categories like underlayments, coatings, nails, roof repair products, roof coatings, caulk, and matching roof spray paint.

Through years of testing products from name-brand manufacturers, TopShield® has developed an industry leading collection of premium roofing products spanning residential and commercial applications.

Always expanding, TopShield® products were originally developed for the residential roofing market, where today our TopShield® Pro product lines are focused on developing a premium collection of commercial roofing materials and accessories.

National Distribution

As the TopShield® and TopShield® Pro product lines continue to expand, so does the distribution network. Today, TopShield® products are available through our national network of building materials distributors available in 45 states throughout the United States.


Our core values center on respect for all individuals, stewardship and a love for the roofing distribution industry.